Website Development

The Website Development service is all about providing you with a website to serve the needs of your business.

Who is this service for?

This service is for you if

  • you want a simple website
  • you want a hand-crafted website with a customised design
  • you already have a website and need to add some plugins (for example, ecommerce)

Large or Small

Whatever the size of your project, be it a small business, gite rental or selling your products, having a website can help your business grow.

Getting details of your business on the internet can be a key factor in making it easier for your potential customers to find you and want to do business with you.

A website for your business

I have experience ranging from small business website design to fully customised e-commerce websites using WordPress.

WordPress is described as “web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

Free? Yes, WordPress itself is free to download and use. This is good news if you’re happy to get your website up and running using WordPress by yourself.

However, if you need assistance with downloading the software and making it work for you and your business, that’s where I can help.

And, you can decide just how much of my help you need, too.

Plain Vanilla or with Chocolate Sprinkles?

Using WordPress, it’s easy to create a simple website with little effort. This would be the Plain Vanilla option.

If you want more than a simple website for your business, that’s where the Chocolate Sprinkles come in.

There are many options to get your website to look a certain way (e.g. styles and colours) and perform certain functions (e.g. get visitors to sign up to your newsletter, make it possible to buy a product).

Without being too geeky here, my technical background means that I’m also comfortable tweaking WordPress functionality to suit your business needs. The amount of extra Chocolate Sprinkles you want is up to you!

I can help you to create a website that’s clear, engaging and easy for your visitors to use.

Manage Your Own Website

If you would like to be able to update your website whenever you want to, and without paying a web-designer, then a Content Management System (CMS) website may be the answer.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). I can design, install and teach you how to maintain your own website.

Working Together

I provide my website development service internationally.

If you would like my help in creating a website that’s clear, engaging and easy for your visitors to use contact me to get started.

Portfolio ...

A selection of websites designed and built by me. Some of these websites are based on templates that I have bought in and some are designed from the ground up - it depends on your budget.

  • Portfolio name

    Chateau d'Agel

  • Portfolio name

    South France Holiday Villas

  • Portfolio name

    Rock Water Studio

  • Portfolio name

    Agel 34

  • Portfolio name

    Bedale Osteopaths

  • Portfolio name

    Kiff Backhouse

  • Portfolio name

    Beginning Yii

  • Portfolio name

    Book A