Advanced Integrated eMail System

When you think about it, email hasn't changed much since it first came in. Your business email system still works much the same way it would have 20 years ago.

My integrated email system hooks right into your business and is pre-processed by the system, it can update core records and emails will be dispatched to the correct department group or individual user.

Incoming emails can be categorised and colours assigned to each category making it easier to scan your inbox.

Inboxes can be specific to a user or shared by groups of users.

Managers can have access to their staffs inboxes.

Emails can be tagged using system defined tags (not user defined).

The system keeps statistics of incoming and out-going emails.

It also comes with pre-built templates for either individual replies or bulk emails.

Bulk email system uses a system of "campaigns" and each campaign can contain multiple segments. A segment constitutes a selection of customers, for example "prospects interested in product-x" or "customers in UK" .