Wordpress - Delete Old Permalinks


I've had a permalink to a post, and then changed it. WordPress is smart enough to redirect all links to the old permalink to the new post, but I'd like to delete this link/redirect. Is this possible, and how?

This is because Wordpress thinks that there is still something at that url.  Normally this will be a deleted post or page.

You can fix these by going to the the "All Posts" or "All Pages" and permanently deleting anything in Trash.

If this didn't work and your problem is proving a little more tricky to get rid of, you need to look a little deeper in Wordpress.  

What else could be taking this url?

  • Wordpress Menus - the first place to look is at your menus. Do you have a menu entry that maps to that url?  If so, change it or delete it.
  • Media Files - it is possible that you have a media file taking that url.  You might be able to test this by going to the url of the permalink you are trying to use and see what is displayed.  Alternatively, you can just trawl through your media catalogue and see if any names match the your permalink.  If so, try changing or deleting these.
  • Other post types - does your theme or a plugin provide you with new post types that might map to this url?  Check your wp-admin dashboard menus for non-standard wordpress post-types and check the list of entries, similar to "All Posts", to see if anything there could be taking the url.

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