Vivre le KDE???

Is KDE ready for the Desktop?

There are countless articles and questions in forums about whether linux is ready for the corporate desktop and a couple of years ago I was one of those ardent supporters who would have said a resounding YES!

Now, however, not only am I not sure but I would say a resounding NO!  More than that, after more than 10 years of running SuSE linux and KDE I am just about to migrate back to Windows.

Why Migrate to Windows?

Shudder at the thought, yes - go ahead!  But linux and KDE4 has become so unstable that, from a commercial perspective, I cannot afford the time any more.  Busy making a living anyway, I cannot give the hours and hours that it demands just to get it to work!  Also, given that I run a quad-core, 4Gb RAM machine which struggles even with file manager, playing music or, dread the thought, of watching a DVD - what choice do I have?

Other Linux flavours ...

Yes, there are some great looking other distro's out there ... OpenGEU, Xubuntu etc ... but they all need time to install and settle in.  What email packages do they support and how do I transfer my existing kmail, what photo browsers, what graphics packages etc...  So, migrate to windows and then play with some other distro's on an old laptop.

Sorry KDE4 ...

But you've just lost another customer ... Rats off a proverbial sinking ship, it seems to me...

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