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Beginning Yii

Learn the Yii framework in minutes Beginning Yii ... I'm very excited about a new Yii Training course that has just been published. The course is designed for anyone wanting to learn Yii, whether new to frameworks or converting from another


Cook your own User Authentication in Yii - Part 3

This is the last but one in a series of 4 tutorials demonstrating how to implement a simple role based user administration system in Yii. The first two parts can be found here; user authentication - part 1 and user authentication - part 2 Previously We've update the the UserIdentity class which was originally generated by Gii, to add database authentication


Yii - more Advanced Logging

Yii uses an application component called CLogRouter to determine where and how log messages are output to the various logs. You can configure different "log routes" depending on the log trace level, the log category (more on that later) and even your IP address