New Google Search results rolled out today

Today Google has rolled out it's personalised search results world-wide. You will now see search results that include privately shared data on Google+ and Picasa - but don't worry others can't see it. However, it does highlight the need to be seen using Google+ to promote your business.  This is also the direction that it is rumoured Google is heading ... that your site ranking will be scored on social media votes as much as (if not more than) external site links. These changes highlight Google search's integration with Google+, Google's competitor to Facebook -  don't confuse that with Google +1.  Google+ is heading towards 100 million users after only 18 months of being live.  It is forecasted that Google+ could have upwards of 400 million users by the end of this year. This isn't a call to dump Facebook and rush across to Google+ but if you're not yet using Google+ then you should think about it soon. Start using it to promote your business, to publish material that is relevant to your industry and it will be seen by other Google+ users who are using Google search.  That could mean increased coverage => more business! If you would like more information see this detailed article - “Search Plus Your World” Happy Google+ ' ing ....

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