Powerful but easy to use on-line shops, ready to go (With No Technical Know How Required) , With Full Support and Marketing Advice. We have built our own eCommerce system, ideal for smaller Artisan businesses or can provide a more complex package to suit more complex online shops.

It's Cheaper and Easier than you might think

Selling your products online can be a lot cheaper than you think.

Our Database driven eCommerce websites allows you, the website owner, to update and maintain stock information without the need for further web-designer assistance.

Basic - I have built my own eCommerce system, ideal for smaller Artisan businesses. From €420, includes 3 pages (normally Home, About, Contact) + unlimited items in webshop.  Each item can have upto 3 photos. Links to Paypal for secure payments.

Full – Fully updateable, fully user controlled, stock control management, multiple images per product, Specials and much more .... from €2000 with pay monthly options available


  • You get paid BEFORE you have to provide your customers with your goods and services
  • There is no need to invoice and wait for the cash to come in - You've already been paid
  • An eCommerce website exposes your business to so many more revenue opportunities - how else can you promote your store in Dorset to people in London or anywhere else in the world ?
  • It's more cost effective than advertising as you are actively targeting people who want what you are selling by having your site filled with your products and services
  • The Internet is still growing at a phenomenal rate - more and more people buy online every single day and you must be a part of this to remain competitive

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