News Letter - Aug 2013


It's been a while since I sent out a Newsletter but I've been busy and now I've got lots to tell you about...

New Website

Firstly, future versionss of this newsletter will be coming from a new address "" - so please update your email client or address book.  This change is because I have moved my domain from "" to "" in what, I suppose, you would call a re-branding exercise.
Why?  Over the years, I've moved away from standard web development towards web-applications development and so I wanted to move away from  a "Web Design" association.  Added to that, is my new career as an author (see below) in which, hopefully, my audience will identify with me under my name -
So check out my new, clean look, bootstrap and responsive and, last but not least, Yii Powered website at http://chris-backhouse,com and do give me your feedback.


Cook your own User Authentication in Yii - Part 4

The final installment of the "Cook your own User Authentication" is now up on the website, available here

Beginning Yii - a new Training Course

I'm very excited to announce the release of my new Video Training Course called Beginning Yii.

This offer is only valid for a few weeks - so take advantage now!
  • This video course is aimed an anyone starting Yii, whether you have previous experience with other Frameworks or whether this is your first framework.  You will be expected to know PHP and have have some understanding of Object based PHP development,
  • The course covers the basics of OOP and Frameworks and then takes you step-by-step through the development of an online Photo Gallery.
  • It covers the generation of the starting application using Gii - the Yii code generator
  • then we begin to customise the generated code to develop our application.
  • We look at automated testing tools using phpUnit and Selenium server and see how we can do all of this from within the Netbeans IDE.
  • We then progress the development, looking at database querying using the CActiveRecord object and the CCommand object
  • We look at forms and sub-forms and how to query related data models
  • Yii has a complete layout and themeing system and from the start we build a custom theme for our application and look at the different layers of page layouts.
  • We also cover logging, debugging and profiling SQL queries, looking at tools such as XDebug to step through php code line by line.
  • In the final chapter, we complete our development of the Photo Gallery and then see how to deploy our application.
  • Each chapter is made up of 5 or 6 videos and each video ranges between 3 and 5 minutes.
So within a couple of hours, you could be proficient in Yii!!


Other Yii Blogs

Did you know you can hire me?

I take on projects of all sizes. From Consulting to large Development Projects.

If you're starting a new Yii project and would like some help to get setup and running or you need some help with a particular module or you just need someone to develop the whole dang thing, then just ask ...

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