Migration to Windows 7

Well, a few weeks ago, I made the huge decision to migrate to windows 7.  Given that I have been using SuSE  linux and KDE for the past 10 years, it was a huge and sad decision.  It was based both on my software needs and the reliability of linux recently.

After all the expected backups, checks and re-checks that I had everything I  might need from my hard disk (thanks to my 1TB USB drive!), I made the leap andsaid goodbye to linux and hello again to my old enemy, Windows and Mr Microsoft.

My first impressions were very favourable.  The install was incredibly quick and simple, much easier the XP.  The integration into my current mixed network was not too diffocult, although Windows 7 does seem to have some new pecularities in it just to keep you on your toes.  But by switching off all references to "Home Group" and managing access permissions myself, on the most part, seems to have worked OK.

The desktop is quite nice and clean, but actually, I don't see any real improvements since WindowsNT/XP.  Yes, you have gadgets that can sit on your desktop, but you still have to minimize everything to find them.  There is no option to have multiple desktops, no quick launch tool bar (by default) and the menu system sucks (a bit like KDE4's default system - who's copying who). 

So I now have a tool bar that looks like an icon library, gadgets that I rarely see and sound that doesn't work quite as it should (not that that is a stranger to me).

I can live with all that.

It's the little things that grate:-

  • I still have to use DOS to write a script and the language is antiquated. 
  • My faithful LaserJet printer doesn't have a supported driver (Boo to HP)
  • The file manager window is as un-helpful as it ever was (compare it to the fantastic konqueror)
  • Thers is no decent editor with code highlighting support (this ID the Professional version after all)
  • ftp support is very basic

But, heck, it works!

What do you think?  What are your experiences of Windows 7?

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