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As a Joomla web developer, one of the many problems I encounter is how to store my many Joomla sites on my testing server at work/home.  Effectively, I should need an entire Joomla install for each client.  But this is a right pain if you ever want to upgrade Joomla core or any of the plugins.

So I thought wouldn't it be nice just to be able to switch between one Joomla client config and another.

Switching Configs

The Joomla config file is held in the joomla root directory.  As you might know, the config file holds database access information for that Joomla installation; what database, login and password to use.  All would be needed is to store each client config file somewhere else and be able to copy it, over-writing the one in Joomla root.

The default template for each installation is held in the database.  So by switching databases you would also effectively be switching templates as well.

Easy! Problem solved.


So, I've just written a small php page, that lists you config files, allows you to select one and then over-writes the core Joomla config file. 

This makes it so easy to then just switch from one client to another.

The dark side

What are the failings of this method.  I have seen two so far. But I'm prepared to work around them (for now) and may try and resolve one or both in the future.

i)  The one Joomla installation will need to have every plugin / component installed that is needed by all sites.  Actually, I quite like this.  I find it makes managing my clients' installs easier.  I therefore have one standard install and can just zip up my Development copy and install on a new client's site.  You could always de-activate any components or plugins if you needed to

ii) Shared Media directory - for me this is the biggestr pain and I would love to sort this out ASAP.  I deally, it would also be great to grab the client's copy periodically as well.  Perhaps some delving around in Joomla code is called for to see if this directory name could be parameterised.  If you have any ideas, please let me know in comments below.

Grab a copy

If you would like a copy of this utility, please let me know in comments below and I'll email you a link.

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