DNS Propagation

... and How to test DNS propagation before it's happened

I came across this really neat trick the other day and am sure that it should be much more widely used.

If you want to test a webserver before updating the DNS


If you are waiting for DNS to be propgated around the internet

here is a small trick that will mean you don't have to wait any longer...

The Hosts file

Update the hosts file on your computer to point directly to your webserver.  On windows the hosts file is found at

Add a line in the format

91.222.444.26 mynewhost.com

and save the file.

It's probably a good idea too, to flsuh your dns cache. Run command from the Start Menu>Run>cmd and enter ipconfig /flushdns

And now you can navigate directly to mynewhost.com

But don't forget to remove this line from the hosts file when the DNS has been propagated !

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