Converting gnuCash to KmyMoney

I've been using gnuCash fairly successfully now for the last 2 years and have recently got to the point where I thought there must be something better on Linux. I have found the user interface quirky and with some annoying small bugs. So finally I stumbled upon KmyMoney, with it's fresh clean interface and crisp reports!

Opening it up and, lo and behold, "Import gnuCash" file on the main file menu. The import was quick and simple but revealed some small peculiarities with the allocation of a few Expense Accounts to Income and vice-versa. A quick google came up with a solution to edit the XML file but no details, so here is my experience.

Firstly, the KmyMoney files will probably be gzipped, so open it with Ark or similar archiving software and extract the XML file into a directory. Open the XML file with your favourite editor and start editing.

I took a screen print of the current Account allocations so that I could track my progress and it provided useful as you will need to make a note of the Account IDs.

Using the search facility of your editor, search for the first Account which is incorrectly allocated. In my case, "admin". This found an entry like this:-

Change "AStd::Income" to "Astd::Expense" - this will change the parent of the item to the root Expense Account.

Change the "type=12" (Income) to "type=13" (Expenses)

Search the document using the ID of this item "A000214" and find entries similar to:-

You will need to find a similar entry the Target Parent, in this case for the root Expense Account, to which you want to move this category and then cut and paste the line from the existing Parent to the new parent.

Et Voila! All done for this entry. Repeat this procedure for each entry and save the file. Re-open the file with KmyMoney and you should find that the mis-allocated entries have been moved to the correct parent.

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